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The Hotel

A place that is hospitable as we are..


As soon as you enter, you immediately sense the people's warmth so your vacations won't be just vacations... We want them to be like a dream...

From the entrance, to the yard, to the receprion and up to the room, till the point that you will leave luggages in the room, you feel the warmth and the welcoming of the people whose main concern is to provide the best service so your vacations will be unforgatable.


The only thing that you have to do is to just leave yourself into the hands of the magical Greek Summer to a place that has been taken care of, fully renovated at Posidi Chalkidiki.

The distance to the sea is around 450 m.

(4 minutes on foot)

  • Complimentary breakfast offered in rooms [on request]

  • Houskeeping                                                      

  • 12-hour Room Service

  • Baby playpen and crib provided

  • Bellboy Service

  • 12-hour reseption

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